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Deodorized Field Condensate (DFC)

Produced as a result of liquefaction of natural gas found in Qatar’s North Field in the Arabian Gulf, field condensates undergo a “sweetening” process to convert mercaptans into disulphide oil, to form DFC. DFC has been used both as feedstock to condensate splitters and as incremental feed to refineries (e.g. blended with heavy crude oil). DFC can be loaded from Single Point Mooring (SPM ) , which is advantageous for shipping efficiency.
Where used as splitter feed, the naphtha portion of DFC (as indicated in quality of Full-range naphtha from Laffan Refinery splitters) has a paraffinic content of 70% with N+A of about 30% with paraffinic hydrocarbon stream. It has been used both in petrochemical crackers and also as feedstock to naphtha splitters for further processing in light and heavy components. ​

Ports​Ras Laffan Industrial City – SPM & berth 22
​Typical cargo size​500,000 to 1,000,000 BBLS 
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Qatar Low Sulphur Field Condensate (QLSC)

QLSC is very similar to DFC in most properties and usages. QLSC has a higher naphtha content (conversely lower distillate content) as compared to DFC, and thus may be more likely to be preferred where higher naphtha content is desired.​

Ports​Ras Laffan Industrial City – Berth 20/21​
​Typical cargo size​500,000 BBLS 
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