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​​QPSPP Mandate​

Delivering Qatar's energy to the globe reliably, efficiently, and responsibly. 

QPSPP's mandate under the Law is to market and sell Regulated Products from entities producing the same in the State of Qatar for export. Regulated Products are those designated as such by the State of Qatar, and they currently include Crude Oil, Propane and Butane (LPG), Field and Plant Condensates, Refined Petroleum Products, GTL Naphtha, and GTL Jet Fuel produced within the State of Qatar.

QPSPP is required by Law to operate in accordance with the following core principles:
  1. ​Provide an effective and efficient marketing arm in support of the Government's petroleum development activities,
  2. Compete more effectively in global markets,
  3. Maintain a positive investment environment in the State of Qatar for foreign investors,
  4. Maximize the global market value of the Regulated Products exported from the State of Qatar,
  5. Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing operations for the benefit of the Government and the producing entities,
  6. Treat all producing entities and their shareholders in a fair and equitable manner,
  7. Ensure that all services of material value are acquired at arms' length on competitive terms,
  8. Avoid adversely affecting production operations,
  9. Ensure effective management and mitigation of commercial risk,
  10. Maintain high levels of ethics and business integrity,
  11. Provide a high level of transparency in relation to its business conduct and internal operations,
  12. Comply with all applicable legal requirements.​