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Qatar Petroleum (QP) invites all prospective Vendors (Suppliers and Contractors) interested to participate in QP Tenders or to be eligible to receive Request for Quotations to register and obtain a QP SAP Vendor Code, a mandatory requirement for the issue of Request for Quotation or Tender Documents by QP.

Vendors can request for a new registration or request for updating of existing registration details, electronically via the e-Registration system. Please use the link provided on the right side box to access the online system.

If you have any queries related to the e-registration process, please contact ​


This section outlines general points on “How to Tender”. However Tenderers shall comply with the requirements specified in the respective public Tender advertisement or Invitation To Tender and the Instructions To Tenderers issued along with each Tender, while preparing its Tender submission. Failure to provide all of the required materials and information, or failure to fully comply with instructions may result in the rejection of the Tender submission by QP.

Familiarization with Laws of Qatar

Before submitting a Tender, the Tenderer shall thoroughly familiarize itself with all the laws, including but not limited to Qatar Labor laws, applicable to the work or services to be performed, and the Qatar Ministry of Economy and Commerce requirements regarding commercial registration of companies prior to commencing any work or service in Qatar. The Tenderer is expected to be fully aware of the recent changes to the Qatar income tax laws and regulations which are in force effective from 1st January 2010.

Tender Invitation

Public (open) Tenders, are published regularly in local newspapers and Qatar Petroleum website.

In case of Classified Tenders, an Invitation to Tender is issued to the pre-selected contractors / vendors.

Tender Fee

Non-refundable Tender fees are applicable as specified in the Tender Document. Tender fees mentioned in the advertisement​ can be paid electronically or at Qatar National Bank (exceptional cases only), QPHead Quarters, Ground Floor, WTC, West Bay.

Tender Issue

Tender Document can be downloaded electronically from the QP website, and only in special cases Tender Document will be issued as soft copy in CD format from Tender Issue Locations specified in the Invitation to Tender or the Tender Advertisement on QP website or newspapers. Tender Documents will be released only to authorized company representatives as per the Letter of Authorization on the specific Company Letterhead and on either payment of Tender Fee, or providing receipt thereof (in the special cases where Tender Fee is paid manually).

Where Tender Documents are purchased/ collected on behalf of a prospective Tenderer other than that of the entity purchasing/ collecting same a power of attorney on the letterhead of the prospective Tenderer would be required. Tender Fees are linked to and required to be paid in respect of each Tender Document is purchased/collected (applicable for special cases only).

Site Visit and Mid-Tender Meeting

The prospective Tenderer may be requested to attend a site visit and/or a mid-tender meeting in order to become familiar with the physical and other conditions pertaining to the work or services to be performed. It is strongly recommended that such prospective Tenderer attend any scheduled site visit and mid-tender meeting(s).

Queries on Tender Documents

Any queries relating to the Tender Documents must only be raised in writing, preferably by fax, to the address specified in the respective Tender Document. Any response issued by QP will be in the form of a question and answer and will be distributed to all Tenderers without revealing the identity of the originator of the query(ies) in the Form of Tender Bulletins. Queries must be received at the address specified in the respective ITT Documentation at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the Tender closing date. Any queries received after such date will be ignored.

Tender Bulletins

Any addendums, clarifications or meeting minutes will be issued as Tender Bulletins and sent to all Tenderers during the Tendering period. The Tenderer shall acknowledge receipt of all Tender Bulletins on the “Form of Tender” and shall allow for any and all costs in connection therewith in the Tender Price.

Tender Bond

The Tenderer must submit a provisional Bank Guarantee (Tender Bond), in the format as required with Tender Bond. The Tender Bond should be with reference to the RFQ Number mentioned on the covering letter issued at the time of Tender collection. The value of the provisional Bank Guarantee shall be as specified in the Tender Document. The provisional Bank Guarantee must be issued by a bank operating in Qatar. The validity of the provisional Bank Guarantee must be for not less than one hundred fifty (150) calendar days after the Tender closing date.

Submission of Tenders

Tenders must be submitted in sealed envelopes to the concerned committees in accordance with the instructions set forth in the Qatar Petroleum Tender Documents.​​

Commercial Registration & Ownership Declaration

Both foreign and local companies must be in possession of valid registration certificates in order to do business in Qatar. The registration requirements differ depending on whether the service to be performed is an engine​ering consultancy service or otherwise. Tenderer shall ensure that it complies with the relevant Qatari legal requirements before submitting its bid.

Local companies shall submit a certified and updated copy of their Qatar registration certificate and Article of Association with their Tender. Foreign Companies shall submit;

  •  Proof of their application for registration within ten (10) days after receiving the written notification of acceptance of their Tender proposal or written notification of contract award by QP.
  •  Copy of their registration certificate within thirty (30) days after receiving the written notification of acceptance of their Tender proposal or written notification of contract award by QP.

The above requirements do not apply to foreign companies who will not perform any work or services in Qatar.

Owners of local companies and agents of foreign companies shall submit copies of their ID cards with the Tender.

Privately owned Qatari companies shall complete and submit along with the Tender the “Declaration of Privately Owned Company Form” appended to the Instructions To Tenderers. A foreign company with a local Qatari agent or sponsor shall also submit with its Tender the “Declaration of Privately Owned Company Form” in respect of its sponsor or agent and must strictly comply with all relevant legal requirements, as well as those stipulated in the QP Invitation to Tender Documentation provisions.

Criteria for submission of Bids by Consortiums/Joint ventures

QP may agree to the submission of Tenders by a consortium or joint venture. Where a Tender is submitted by a consortium or joint venture that is not a duly registered separate legal entity, the following shall apply:

  •  It shall be indicated in the Tender submission that the Tender is submitted by a consortium or joint venture. The name of the leader of the consortium or joint venture shall also be specified clearly.
  •  It shall be confirmed in the Tender submission that the parties to the consortium or joint venture shall accept joint and several responsibility for discharging all obligations under the contract.
  •  Where the Tender is submitted or signed by the leader of the consortium or joint venture on behalf of the consortium or joint venture, the Tender shall clearly define the respective roles and responsibilities of each member. In this event the Tender shall also contain the ORIGINAL of a duly signed Power of Attorney from each member authorizing the leader to sign and/or submit the Tender on behalf of the consortium or joint venture.
  •  QP shall exchange communication during tendering with the leader of the consortium or joint venture only. Correspondence exchanged by QP with the leader shall be binding on the Consortium members.
  •  In the event of award of contract to a consortium or joint venture, the contract document shall be signed by all members of the consortium or joint venture.
  •  Any changes to liabilities, indemnities and financial responsibilities amongst the consortiums, joint venture must be notified to QP.​

Acceptance or Rejection of Tenders and Incurred Costs

QP is under no obligation to award a contract or accept the lowest or any Tender and will not assign any reason for the rejection of any Tender. QP will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the Tenderer in connection with its Tender, any site visit, attending meetings, obtaining additional insurance, etc., or for the formation of the Contract should the Tenderer be successful. The Tenderer shall not have any recourse for any redress if QP, for whatever reason, awards the Contract to another Tenderer or does not award any Contract.

Notification of Acceptance/Award of Contract

QP shall notify the successful Tenderer in writing of QP’s acceptance of its Tender and conditional award of contract.

Contract Award details

Details of Awarded Contracts against Public Tenders are published on the QP Website.

Business Ethics

Refer to QP Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy pages


Qatar Petroleum will not under any circumstances accept any liability for the accuracy of the details provided above or for any event arising from the use or interpretation of the information.