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​Heavy Alkyl Benzene (HAB)

Heavy Alkyl Benzene (HAB) or Heavy Alkylate (click here for complete product specification- should display Specifications of "Heavy Alky Benzene") manufactured by SEEF commands a market premium due to its consistent and superior quality

Customers of HAB typically use the product for manufacture of Lube oils, Thermic fluids, Refrigeration oils, Textile auxiliaries, Electrical oils, Plasticizers and specialty oils

Major Applications Oo Heavy Alkyl Benzene (Hab)

Heavy Alkyl Benzene is synthetic lubricant base oil with superior oxidation stability, thermal stability, low-temperature fluidity and applies to refrigerating machine oil, electrical insulation oil and heat transfer oil (Thermic fluids).

Sodium and Calcium Sulphonated Derivatives of Heavy Alkylate arereckoned for high shelf life, which are stable under different climatic conditions and works as a surface active agent. The major uses are in Emulsification & dispersion of liquids, Wetting & dispersion of liquid - solid system, Inhibition of rust & corrosion, Dispersion & wetting of solids, Soluble cutting oils, Emulsifiers of soluble cutting oils, Rust preventives, Leather chemicals, Fat liquor, Metal treatment chemicals, Textile auxiliaries, Ore flotation chemicals, Inks etc.

Barium Sulphonated derivative of Heavy Alkylate is used as an excellent corrosion /rust inhibitor & typically used for manufacture of greases, metal working fluids- rust preventives as it gives better protective coating films, good high resistance to humidity and salt water spray test and as a detergent in fuel additives for both carburetors/ fuel injector components of Otto engines benefit from fouling.