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Oil & Gas Fields

QP’s oil and gas fields fall into three categories - the North Gas Field, onshore oil, and offshore oil.

North Gas Field


Gas from the North Field is transported around the world by giant LNG carriers.


The North Gas Field, with total recoverable gas of more than 900 trillion standard cubic feet (tscf), was discovered in 1971 and is considered to be the largest single non-associated gas reservoir in the world.

It covers an area of 6,000 square kilometers, equivalent to about half the land area of the State of Qatar. The utilization of this field’s massive reserves has become a primary national goal to continue the development and prosperity process in the country.

During 2008, production from the QP- operated North Field Alpha was 276 billion standard cubic feet of gas and 8.7 million barrels of stabilized condensate.Commercial exploration of North Field gas resources started in late 1991 with initial gas production from Phase I (Alpha Project). The average production from this project in 2008 was around 750 mmscf/dof gas and roughly 24,000 b/d of stabilized condensate. Gas is mainly used for supply to the local market and condensate for refining or export.