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Ras Laffan Power Company (RLPC)

Ras Laffan Power & Water Plant.


Ras Laffan Power & Water Plant started generating power in March 2003 and began producing water in May 2004.

The plant was the first independent electricity and water plant in Qatar and the largest project in the region. At a total cost in excess of $700 million, it produces 820 megawatts of electricity, 750 megawatts of which is delivered to Qatar’s national grid. The integrated desalination plant provides 40 million gallons of potable water per day.

The American AES Company has a 50 percent investment in the project, while Qatar Petroleum and Gulf Investment Corporation (which was set up by the six member states in the GCC) have 10 percent each. The remaining 25 percent share is held by Qatar Electricity & Water Company (QEWC).

Phase 2 of the project, with an ultimate capacity of some 1020 megawatts and approximately 60 million gallons of water, was inaugurated in mid-2009 and phase 3 is planned.