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Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO)


QAPCO facility in Mesaieed Industrial City.


Qatar Petrochemical Company Limited QSC (“QAPCO”) was incorporated in 1974 as a joint venture, and is currently owned by Industries Qatar (80%) and TOTAL Petrochemicals (France) [20%].  QAPCO has three joint ventures, Qatofin Company Limited QSC (“Qatofin”), Qatar Vinyl Company Limited QSC (“QVC”) and Qatar Plastic Products Company WLL.

QAPCO’s petrochemical products are:

  • Ethylene
    Ethylene is used as a feedstock for a wide range of chemicals.  Approximately 50% of ethylene produced by QAPCO is utilised in the LDPE production process.  A further 25% is utilised by QVC in the production of ethylene dichloride, vinyl chloride monomer and caustic soda.  The remainder is exported to a number of Asian countries.  When production reaches full utilisation at RLOC, about 70% of the ethylene share of Qatofin would be utilized towards LLDPE production and the remaining 30% will be exported.  Once the QAPCO LDPE-3 plant comes into operation in 2012, the excess ethylene balance would be utilized towards LDPE production and thus there will not be any further export of ethylene, thereafter.
  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
    Various grades of LDPE, which is suitable for a wide range of thermoplastics processing techniques with applications such as films, pipes, cables and wires and other moulded products, is marketed under the Lotrène brand.  It is exported to over 85 countries throughout the world.
  • Sulphur
    High quality sulphur is generated as a by-product from the ethylene process and is mostly exported to the Indian sub-continent and China.
  • Pyrolysis Gasoline
    The limited quantities of pyrolysis gasoline produced by QAPCO are used by associated local companies as a feedstock.
  • Mixed LPG, C3/C4
    The minimal quantities of mixed LPG generated are used locally to produce propane and butane.

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