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Gulf Drilling International (GDI)

Gulf Drilling International QSC was incorporated in 2004 as a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum (60%) and Japan Drilling Company (40%).  Subsequent to exercising a share option provision within the joint venture agreement, QP increased its stake to 69.99% and then transferred this shareholding to Gulf International Services. 

GDI has no subsidiaries or associates, and is not party to any subordinate joint venture arrangements.  The company’s authorised and issued share capital is QR375.7 million.

The registered head office is located at Main Airport Road, Building 4718, P.O. Box 9072, Doha, State of Qatar.  Total headcount is 839, split between head office, onshore and offshore staff.

GDI has direct ownership of nine drilling rigs (five offshore, four onshore) which are used to drill wells suitable for oil and natural gas extraction.  The drilling process typically consists of drilling boreholes to varying depths, sampling sub-surface formation reservoir fluids to determine economic feasibility of production, and then installing pipes and instruments to produce reservoir fluids.  GDI maintains a close relationship with Qatar Petroleum due to QP’s indirect ownership; hence most of GDI’s drilling rigs are currently contracted to QP or QP affiliates.

  • Offshore Rigs
    GDI has five offshore ‘jack-up’ rigs of varying ages.  Of them, Al-Wajba (previously named ‘Gulf-3’) was built in 1977 and underwent a complete refurbishment in 2006, while Al-Khor and Al-Zubarah are both brand new, state of the art rigs. Al-Doha (previously named ‘Gulf-1’ and ‘Hakuryu-8’), was built in 1981 and modified in 1987.  Al-Rayyan (previously named ‘Gulf-2’ and ‘Ensco 55’) was built in 1982 , was purchased by GDI in 2005 and underwent extensive shipyard work in 2010 for upgrades, refurbishments and repairs. The older rigs have a maximum drilling depth of 6,000 metres, while the new rigs are rated for 9,000 metres.
  • Onshore Rigs
    The company operates four onshore rigs.  GDI-3 (work over rig) was purchased new in 2008 to replace a previously leased unit. GDI-4 was built and placed into service in 2006.  GDI-1 and GDI-2 were built in the early 1980’s and acquired by GDI from their previous owners.  All of these rigs are rated to a maximum drilling depth of between 3,000 metres and 4,500 metres.

For more information, please visit the Gulf Drilling International website.