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​Useful Documents

QP Industrial Cities Directorate has published numerous policies and procedures to assist businesses and invest​​ors. Some of the more important and relevant areas are listed below.

Ports Information

RLC Port Tariff​​

Mesaieed Port Tariff

RLC Shipping Schedule

RLC Tide Table

MIC Port Tide Table for Harbour

MIC Port Tide Table for Channel

​​​Procedures & Guidelines

Development Planning & Engineering:

Procedure Governing Requirements for CPW in RLC and MIC common areas​
Guidelines for Corridors and Corridor Crossin​​gs in RLC
Guidelines for Building Permit Technical Submissions to QP Industrial Cities in RLC​​
Guidelines for Submission of Building Permit & Completion Certificate Applications in MIC
Guidelines for Site Grading and Drainage
Guidelines for Submitting Hydrostatic Test Packages to Industrial Cities​ ​​
Guidelines for Submitting Pneumatic Test Packages to Industrial Cities ​​
Procedure for Excavation in Dukhan Fields (applicable in Dukhan Concession Area)
Procedure for Permit to Work in Dukhan Fields (applicable in Dukhan Concession Area)​​​​ ​​
Procedure for Scaffolding Work in Dukhan Fields (applicable in Dukhan Concession Area)​​
​​Procedure for Confined Space Entry in Dukhan Field (applicable in Dukhan Concession Area) ​​
​Guidelines for Permit to Work Implementation in DCA​
​Guidelines for Adverse Weather Conditions in DCA​​ ​​​


Ras Laffan Port​​​​​

​RLC Port Information and Regulations Guide​​​​​
RLC Port Pre-Arrival Questionnaire​
Guidelines for personnel transfer by vessels in RLC Port to and from offshore workplaces​
Application Form for Pilot Exemption in RLC Port

Mesaieed Port​​

​MIC Port Information and Regulations Guide 2021
Mesaieed Port Document 2017
Guidelines for MARPOL Waste Reception Facilities and Arrangements in MIC and RLC Ports​

Health, Safety & Environment​​

​MIC Environmental Guidelines
RLC Environmental Regulations, Dec 2020​​
Industrial Cities Heat Stress Prevention Guidelines​

Dust Control Strategy
Regulation for Transport of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials by Road in Industrial Cities
Guidelines for Provision of Services to Workers in Workers Accommodation in DCA

Development Planning & Engineering

Regulation for Protection of Overhead Pipe bridges in Industrial Cities
Regulation for Workers’ Accommodation within Industrial Cities



Dumping Permit Form


Industrial Security

​​Gate Pass Application Form RLC

Gate Pass Application Form RLC - Group Pass Blank Sheet
Application Form - Gate Pass MIC

​Gate Pass Application Form MIC - Group Pass Blank Sheet​


​CPW Refreshment​ List