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Career Development

Training Program


Select a program from the list below to learn more about the training courses offered by QP and how you can apply.




QP is a leader in Qatar at providing university scholarships for new high school graduates. Enter here to learn more about what types of scholarships are available, what the scholarship criteria is and how you can apply.

Direct Scholarship

Scholarship Transfer

Academic Bridge Program (ABP)

Work Experience


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of studying is having the opportunity to apply what you learn in the workplace.

Enter here to learn more about Internships, work terms and work place learning.

Development Plans


When you finish your initial training program and sign an employment contract, you will be on a development plan which prepares you for your target position. Your department appoints a qualified & devoted coach to guide you and give you regular feedback. You will be assigned an area LDQ Development Supervisor who provide you with guidance and support on solutions to bridging performance gaps, provide support on development strategies and follow up on your performance.